MTA Chair’s Report 2018/19

18 April, 2019 | Chairman's Reports, MTA & Member News

Roger Eede, Chairman

Presented at the AGM on 16th April 2019

This year things have been very different.

Our online presence remains strong thanks to unwavering support from Sarah at Vivid Websites while Chris at the Local Eye magazine continues to subsidise monthly business features sent in from our membership. So thankfully, our image remains constant and our profile remains high.

However, some significant aspects within our Association are changing. The formal and social side of the MTA are contracting. Since the rebuilding of our website which incorporated an online membership renewal facility, membership renewal has been patchy. Many members renew immediately either by a bank transfer or by Paypal, while other long-standing members do not respond to renewal requests and friendly reminders. Consequently, membership numbers have taken a dip as have our social events.

In the past twelve months we have gained several new members but many of these are through personal contact rather than new applications out of the blue or via an online application. While at the same time interest in the website has increased and the stats are looking good. Changing economic circumstances have also had an impact. While some businesses have closed down others have had to move out of the area to larger premises. So, it is a mixed bag but one thing seems clear. Times are changing.

I mentioned our social events and regular monthly meetings fall into that category. Attendances are down and from discussions with members it seems that monthly meetings are too frequent and probably not necessary. Depending on attendance numbers at this years’ AGM it may be necessary to drastically reduce meetings to about 3 a year and run a slimmer, leaner Committee.

A key-role that has been vacant for some time is that of ‘Membership Secretary’. Personal contact with new businesses moving into the area and having a Committee member able to visit businesses that have let their memberships expire would enable the MTA to continue to flourish.  Applications please!

Moordown continues to be a special part of Bournemouth and remains a great location to work from. I sincerely hope that the forthcoming year will offer new opportunities to all of our businesses. The MTA exists to support you.

Roger Eede, Chairman
Moordown Traders Association
April 2019


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