Moordown Local History Society

30 March, 2018 | Local Groups & Societies

Interested in local history?

If you are you’ll be delighted to learn there is a whole website dedicated to the history of Moordown – it’s people and places in stories and photos.

For a wealth of historical data & information this is a ‘must visit’ – from Moordown during WWI to the story of Moorside Cottage – one of only three thatched cob cottages remaining in Bournemouth. Also included are old school photos dating back to the 60s.

And there’s a fascinating document to download entitled ‘Moordown, The Hamlet on the Heath’ by Berni Hallam and Jill King.

If you would like to be a part of the Moordown Local History Society, or have something to offer them, please contact them via their website.

Our featured image above shows Tennyson Parade, Wimborne Road in 1931 There are plenty more fascinating pictures like this at the MLHS website


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