Gigafast Broadband for Moordown businesses

14 October, 2019Local News

The Echo reports this month that more than 3,500 homes and businesses in North Bournemouth – including those in Moordown, Ensbury Park and East & West Howe – can now order the town’s new extra-fast gigabit broadband service, putting them among just 8% of UK properties that can access gigabit broadband

Vodafone is providing its Gigafast Broadband service through the full fibre network being rolled out locally through CityFibre. It says customers will enjoy a huge boost in internet speed and reliability. Vodafone will start connecting homes and businesses to full fibre in November, but customers can order now.

By using fibre optic cables at every stage of a connection, Vodafone says its Gigafast Broadband will give users downloads 16 times faster and upload speeds 125 times faster than the UK’s average broadband service.

West Howe’s Henry Brown Youth Centre is being connected to the service as part of Vodafone’s community outreach work. Vodafone is also funding a Digital Parenting programme to help parents talk to their children about digital issues, as well as the Digital Creators Challenge – a competition for secondary schools to improve young people’s understanding of tech and how it can be used to help the community. Schools also have the chance to win up to £6,000 to spend on IT.


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