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2 April, 2018 | Chairman's Reports, MTA & Member News

We are launching a new website in 2018

As we start work on our new mobile-friendly Directory website we thought we’d archive previous Chairman’s Reports for the record:

Chair's Report 2012/13

The 2012 – 2013 financial period has been one of expansion, publicity and promotion for the Moordown Traders Association.

Membership numbers have steadily increased to currently 82 with some 20 members affiliated to the Moordown Traders through membership of the Bournemouth Chamber of Trade and Commerce. About 12 members have not renewed for reasons ranging from retirement or business relocation or indeed the Association not meeting their individual requirements.

Overall however feedback and satisfaction with what the Traders Association can provide has been positive. Annual invoicing by Lesley our Treasurer and follow up visits and emails from Hilary our Membership Secretary have provided both contact with members and good cash flow coupled with increasing membership numbers.

Publicity at the start of the period came in the form of frequent advertising spots on Fire FM. A three month campaign to promote the website created by Sarah our Secretary, was followed by a less expensive joint advertising spot promoting both Westbourne and Moordown’s shopping experience. Mike Stokes our Vice Chair coordinated this.

The last of the 2011 Moordown maps were distributed which prompted us to discuss an updated and expanded map with Nichole and Lee from Tony Bowyer print. The planning, selling of advertising space and updating is now complete and a new, sharper looking, shoppers map will soon be ready for distribution.

Promotion has lead the Association to increase its participation in one off and annual events. We sourced low cost bunting for the Queens Jubilee and tried to capitalise on the Olympic torch as it came past the edge of Moordown. The most significant promotional opportunities however came through booking pitches at both the Winton Carnival and the Moordown Fete. With Emma Taylor, our Events coordinator, fund raising from our stalls and Hilary’s Map of Moordown, promoting every business that would give her business cards, Moordown Traders Association created a mobile outpost. The success and enjoyment that the stalls generated has lead us to take a key role in this year’s Moordown Fete where Traders are directly invited to participate in the event.

In conclusion, the Moordown Traders Association remains strong and maintains links with our Councillors and the Bournemouth Chamber of Trade & Commerce. Moordown in Bloom has recently provided planters along Wimborne Rd and efforts to improve parking bays continues, empty shops continue to find new tenants and the rich mix of businesses in the area maintains its fight against recessionary forces.

Roger Eede, Chairman
Moordown Traders Association
April 2013

Chair's Report 2013/14

The 2013-14 financial period has been one of consolidation and steady progress.

Our trading district has remained resilient. Businesses have a steady but reliable churn and void premises are soon reoccupied with new vibrant enterprises. Most of the shops remain constant and have withstood the worst of the downturn so consequently the general appearance of Moordown looks much the same as usual.

The Traders Association membership has expanded in the past twelve months with numerous self-employed members recognising the advantages on offer. Karen Murray and Sharon Barter organised a very successful ‘Ladies Night’ at the Life Centre which resulted in additional memberships. Hilary Annicchiarico maintains her role as membership Secretary and frequently visits long term members as well as new businesses that move into Moordown.

The 2013-14 shoppers map rolled off the Tony Bowyer printing press last spring and went to thousands of local homes accompanying the Local Eye magazine. This popular bi-annual publication includes all local businesses but highlights members trading details. Preferential advertising slots support this venture and members are requesting block ads in the next map already.

Sarah Austin of Vivid Websites looks after the site but has also created This second website explains what some of our members do for fun. The Fete is a separate venture where members can have a discounted pitch and participate in a community fun day out at Redhill Park. This year’s event is on Sunday June 15th and it had better not rain! Karen is the lead organiser this year so contact her if you would like to come.

Our regular monthly meetings are now on Tuesday evenings from 6pm and held at the Moordown Conservative Club, Balfour Rd. All members are always welcome. It is an opportunity to meet fellow members and enjoy a complimentary snack. Most importantly it is a forum to share any trading concerns and if the meeting cannot offer immediate help we take matters to the Bournemouth Chamber of Trade and Commerce for further advice. Fortunately, Mr Chris Kelu, Bournemouth Council’s economic Development Officer attends many of our meetings and is always willing to escalate members concerns.

Moordown remains a unique trading area and continues to boasts that there is certainly ‘More to Moordown’.

Roger Eede, Chairman
Moordown Traders Association
April 2014

Chair's Report 2014/15

Membership has remained steady for another year. New members join at roughly the same rate as members retire, move on or simply decide not to renew. Also we have members either moving to the Bournemouth Chamber of Trade and Commerce, or finding BCTC membership is not quite suitable for their type of business and preferring local membership of the Moordown Traders Association.

Of late the BCTC has put special emphasis on the various Trading Groups around Bournemouth and invited Trading Group Chairpersons to bi-monthly Chamber meetings. At these meetings Trading Group representatives meet and discuss issues with the BCTC Executive members in a bold attempt to take Chamber influence away from the town centre and out into the districts. To further underline this new strategy ‘BCTC on the Road’ events are being held and hosted by one district after another where local businesses are invited to set out their stalls and promote themselves. Moordown held our event in conjunction with Winton Traders on January the 29th at the Life Centre in Wimborne Road and a good night was had by all.

The successful Moordown Shoppers map is in the process of going through an update and the third edition for 2015/16 will again be produced by Tony Bowyer Print. The map accurately lists all local businesses with special additional emphasis and information about MTA members, all supported by numerous local business who take out block advertisements. Our colleague Chris Wilson distributes the finished maps together with his Local Eye magazine to local households, while remaining copies go into shops for distribution or are used to promote Moordown throughout the year.

The map can also be found on along with members details and frequently updated information all carefully co-ordinated by Sarah Austin of .

I would like to thank Lesley Dixon of Milburn Finance who has been the MTA Treasurer for several years. She has done a sterling job for the Association but is stepping down this year.

Finally, the Association is assured that when you are out and about in Moordown you will notice very few empty business premises. Also, our initial campaign from 2010 to see some parking spaces outside the Bank and Post Office looks very likely happen soon. The MTA continues to positively influence the local business environment.

Roger Eede, Chairman
Moordown Traders Association
May 2015

Chair's Report 2015/16

This year has once again focused on consolidation and raising the profile of the Association.

Nichole and Lee from Tony Bowyer print persevered with collecting accurate detail about the various businesses in the Moordown Trading area and after a slow uptake from advertisers put the third Moordown Shoppers map to bed and went to print. The new look map once again gives every business in the area a mention but promotes paid up members in bold print with all their relevant contact information including web addresses.

Chris Wilson expanded his distribution round and consequently we increased the print run to £10,000. To further promote our shopping destination, Peter Matthews from Castlepoint allowed us to hand out maps to Castlepoint customers one spring Sunday.

The Moordown Traders Association continues to occupy a chair around the Bournemouth Chamber of Trade and Commerce table. Steve Rockett or myself attend meetings and get to know other Trading group representatives and hear what Council plans may help or affect local trade. Our links with the Winton Traders Association remain constant and we attend each other’s meetings when possible.

Last year our Treasurer Lesley Dixon stepped down and Hilary Annicchiarico took up the challenge to combine memberships with the overall finance responsibility. As we seem to have a slow but steady churn of new businesses coming in while others cease trading or do not renew, Hilary is constantly visiting our members and meeting new businesses setting up in Moordown.

On the social front Dean Robertson has been out and about communicating with local Traders. He has not only identified new members but has started organising social events. We had a Christmas gathering in a local pub and a meal in ‘Naan’, a new Indian restaurant. Other events are in the pipe-line to welcome new businesses to the area and bring our members together.

Simon Collins our MTA secretary from Sol-Soleil has started to send minutes from our meetings to all members who have given us email addresses. We used to do this but stopped some time ago. We hope this will attract more members to attend meetings and bring their ideas and concerns to the meetings.

Lastly Mike Stokes brought us details of an advertising opportunity in the daily Echo that he had worked out with the Echo advertising team. The Association were willing to subsidise advertising space for members in return for getting a two page spread to promote Moordown as a shopping destination.

Watch this space.

Roger Eede, Chairman
Moordown Traders Association
April 2016

Chair's Report 2016/17

Roger considers the purpose & longevity of a Traders Association

2016/17 marks our seventh anniversary. It is seven years since the formation of the Moordown Traders Association and seven years of doing our best to represent Moordown Traders and continually remind the world that Moordown is a good, diverse, well cared for shopping destination, well worth visiting.

The website continues to promote the area and offer local businesses an important far reaching link to the enormous customer base that exists out there. In addition, the shoppers map brings knowledge of what diversity Moordown has to offer, and is delivered directly through local letter boxes, as a continuous reminder and reference tool. Therefore, we hope we’ve got it covered!

However, I have observed that seven years can hold some chilling significance in Trader group longevity terms. I have seen numerous groups lose their sense of purpose and direction and judder to a halt through lack of support and momentum.

Those burning issues that fire up Traders and ignite the formation of Trading Associations, create unity and a sense of purpose in the early days, passion and drive get things moving and new partnerships are formed with goals and arguments attracting membership. A new powerful voice is born and progress towards these aims inevitably follows. Passion, ambition and power drive members towards achievement and frequent meetings pull the strings of success. Councillors can be approached and issues put to them face to face, the police can be addressed and crime statistics dissected, the Chamber of Trade and Commerce welcome the Trading group representatives and local concerns can be brought right to the top table, all those contentious local matters can be aired and heard.

So, over the years, gradually the establishment do what they can and local traders do what they can and the unified voice does what it can. Some results are quick and glasses get chinked other matters go on for much longer and results seem to take for ever, or indeed never happen at all. Meanwhile the trading environment constantly changes like moving sand. The wider economy, local cuts, online shopping, graffiti artists, rough sleepers, vandalism, businesses opening and closing, new council bye laws, traffic, litter etc., etc. Everything finds its way onto the agenda.

I have been asked many times ‘What do Trading Associations do?’, and I generally answer ‘we are here if you ever need support’. That is all I can say because Trading groups are a product of their membership. The group does what the individual participants want it to do. Individual energy helps create the dynamic and members associate because they want to or to derive some gain through participation. Look at our association. We have had plenty of spin off events. The summer Fete, participation in Winton Carnival, Ladies nights, Christmas dinners, welcome events at new businesses, promotion days handing out maps, pub nights, Chamber events, etc. It all forms networks and business community unity, but I fear it might be finite.

Seven years may be a natural life cycle where goals have been achieved and sparkle may be lost. Low attendance figures at meetings is an indicator, a drop off in membership may be another. Unwillingness to participate in Association business a further sign and disruptive criticism of established norms another. Without new participants and fresh enthusiasm, the seven-year itch could prove fatal.

Roger Eede, Chairman
Moordown Traders Association
April 2017

This is the third version of the Moordown Traders Association website;  the original version was launched in November 2010, with a redesign in October 2012 utilising up-to-date (for those days) technology and a page format designed for the emerging plethora of viewing options (wider screens & mobile phones). That site served us well for six years, until we could no longer resist the march of progress – and the ‘responsive’ website. Each creation has been designed for MTA by Sarah at Vivid Websites.


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