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Do you own a shop or run a business within the Moordown area? Hundreds of people are searching our Business Directory every week, looking for goods or services just like yours.

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Questions? We’ve Got Answers

How can a Directory Listing help me?

An online Directory is one of the most effective ways of getting your business discovered online. Being included on ours will:

  • Connect you with your target audience
  • Improve your local visibility
  • Help strengthen your business reputation & build trust among local consumers
  • Increase awareness of your brand, shop or service
  • Show up in Google searches
  • Amplify your existing online presence

Not only is it very effective, it’s also less expensive than almost any other kind of targeted online marketing!

How will people find my listing?

1. visitors to the website will be able to find you through a keyword search (through your Business Name or any one of the tags you use to describe what you offer), or they will search the Business Categories to find the service they need and discover you that way.

2. visitors using a search engine such as Google will be able to find your Listing through a local search in the normal way. It generally takes Google only a week or so between us adding a Listing and them ranking it highly.

Can I buy a 'Featured' Listing?

Featured Listings aren’t for sale. They are offered to traders that give time & effort to MTA. We will also occasionally select two or three Members for a limited period Featured Listing for any number of reasons. If you sell Christmas gifts for instance, you could be featured in Oct/Nov/Dec.

Can I update my listing?

We can update your Listing for you at no charge. All you need do is use our contact form, or email our website developer Sarah at with the changes you wish to make.

We regret it is not possible for you to access your Listing to edit it yourself due to website security.

What are the benefits of MTA Membership?

We have your back! The Moordown Traders Association is an ‘approved’ Trade Group, recognised & supported by Bournemouth Council and Bournemouth Chamber of Trade & Commerce. We go where we need to be to discuss local issues, present any problems Moordown traders might be experiencing, influence local decision-making, find out about regional grants and other initiatives that can benefit the local trading community. You can be part of that.

How do I join the MTA?

Visit the Join MTA page; you can read about all the benefits there and complete an online application form; there’s nothing to pay today, we will be in touch soon after we hear from you to organise that. There are offline options too.

What methods of payment do you accept?

You can pay for your Membership and annual renewal by PayPal, Bank Transfer, Cheque or Cash. Details can be found at 

Add or Claim A Free Guest Listing

All Moordown businesses are entitled to a free Guest Listing for a period of 12 months:

  • some of them have already been included by us; if you’d like to edit it let us know using the form below.
  • others we invite you to submit yourself, and we’ll happily add it for you.
  • charities we also welcome; your free Guest Listing will stay online indefinitely.

A Guest Listing is an ‘abbreviated’ listing, without some of the features of listings owned by MTA Members, but being part of a Business Directory even in a small way can be one of the most effective ways of improving your local visibility and getting discovered online.

It also sets you up for inclusion in our next Moordown Shopper’s Map which we publish every couple of years for distribution to over 6,000 homes and businesses in the Moordown area. 

Reach more potential customers by adding a new listing, or claiming an existing one. Enjoy your free entry, or upgrade to a paid Member Listing at any time within the 12 months, it’s just £20 a year.

Your Guest Listing will be added to one Business Category; choose an existing Category from our Directory and enter it below or, if a suitable one doesn't already exist, use the space below to ask for one to be added.

Your Guest Listing will include up to 15 searchable Tags (key words or phrases). Enter them below separated by commas. If you can't think of 10 we can add some when we do your listing:

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